Jim Milke

Senior Copywriter / Associate Creative Director

t: (617) 247-0596 / c: (617) 955-6269 / jamesmilke@gmail.com

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To educate shelter magazine editors to Wayfair's huge range of furnishings, we created an oversized lookbook whose every spread featured an A-to-Z "big idea" concept appropriate to every room in the house.

The foyer you remember

You know what they say about first impressions. Here’s your chance to kick off a sense of excitement and expectancy about your home. Be welcoming, but bold. This is your home's grand entrance and its warmest hello.

A conversation-starting living room

Liveable and elegant. Inspiring, yet functional. Casual, but entertaining. The modern living room is the place to mix every kind of loved one. And let your favorite pieces do the talking.

The dining on all five senses room

The dining room is the place to try out unique pairings. At Wayfair, we carry every style, every budget, every taste. It’s the perfect setting to get creative about everything Apples to Zucchini.

A mudroom that does the work for you

It’s a mother’s dream. A room that does all the picking up and putting away. A well-organized mudroom offers the perfect place for every mitten, boot, hat, coat and umbrella.

Now that’s backyard living.

They say you can’t improve on mother nature. Oh, but we say you can. However you enjoy the outdoors—whether by veranda, poolside, garden or playground—we offer everything to help you live comfortably outdoors from dawn until dusk.